Woollen Pillows
We manufacture all standard sizes, but we can also deliver tailor made to your wishes. We can, for example, lenghten your old junior quilt up to adult size if you send us your quilt. We only use 100 % downproof cambric according to Eco Tex Standard 100, which means that the cotton fabric has been checked with regard to noxious materials.

We use norwegian lambswool:
The wool breaths and and absorbs humidity
It is supple and flexible
It is flame retardant
It is active against static electricity
It is produced with a low energy consumption
It is 100 % biological decomposable
It is, of course, renewable
It can be recirculated 

Note! Our thermo quilts are 100 % Nature, without any polyester.

Woollen Pillows: The pillows are also manufactured in standard sizes with a padded exterior. With a padded exterior, the wool is efficiently kept in its place. We also produce a padded woollen sleeve/muff for those who only want a heater next to the skin. This sleeve/muff is made with velcroue to fit any size of pillows.
Our quilts and pillows can be adjusted to fit babies as well as grown-ups.

We also deliver quilts made of polyester fibre for those who may not want wool.
Ulldyne vinter/helrs, termokonstruert, ubehandlet og svanemerket 
Pris: kr 779,-  050 01 0001 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv
Ulldyne, sommer med ubehandlet norsk ull, svanemerket, enkle 
Pris: kr 629,-  050 01 0021 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv
Ullputer m/vattert utside i bomull 
Pris: kr 499,-  050 10 0300 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv
Dyner microfiber 
Pris: kr 379,-  050 09 0001 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv
Polyesterputer med MicroGel fiber  
Pris: kr 139,-  050 09 0012 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv