The slippers are secured to the foot by means of velcroue, and are simple to take off and put on!
They do not scratch up the parquet floor when the baby is crawling around! The wool absorbs humidity, leaving the feet dry!

1. Buckskin outside, with woollen fleece lining.
2. Cotton outside, with skin soles and woollen fleece lining.

Colours similar to the Ullkorga bag; marine, red, olive green, bordeaux and black with the soles in the same colours as the slippers!

Cleaning and maintenance:
Handwash at 30°C with detergent for wool.
Sizes: 19, 22, 24 and 26
Wool slipperwort of chamois leather 
Ulltøfler i semsket skinn  
Pris: kr 399,-  3071913 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv
Ulltøfler med skinsåle 
Pris: kr 299,-  3071901 
Antall: Legg i handlekurv